The house is situated right on the edge of the old, charming medieval quarter of Les Arcs sur Argens, called “Le Parage”, overlooking the valley. It has three floors, and a total of four bedrooms. Each bedroom is suitable for two persons.

The first two bedrooms, Room 1 and Room 2, are located on the ground floor, each one with their own bathroom. Furthermore, the ground floor has its own entrance, and right in front of the entrance, you´ll find a small South facing terrace, where you can enjoy the sun and a tranquil moment.

From the ground floor, you go up the stairs to the 1st floor, where you´ll find the common area and the main entrance. Beside the living/dining room and kitchen, there´s also a small West faced balcony overlooking the valley, and a covered terrace with a small garden, also overlooking the valley. This is also where breakfast is served, outside on the terrace, if weather permits, otherwise inside in the spacious dining room

Going up the stairs to the 2nd floor, you´ll find another two rooms, Room 3 and Room 4, and a bathroom. This floor can be rented as a whole, if you are a family with kids, or a group of friends, but can also be rented separately. These rooms will never be rented separately at the same time, since there is only one bathroom.

In 2020 the house went through a total renovation.